Can Social Design be Humanitarian-Focused, politically charged or both?

Constitution Hill, a living museum showcasing South Africa’s constitution-making process and journey to democracy, faces the challenge of demonstrating the Constitution’s core values and guiding its interpretation and implementation to the youth of South Africa. The campaign insight revealed that while South Africans are aware of the progressive nature of the Constitution, they lack understanding of its meaning.
Opportunity: In 2023, Constitution Hill partnered with Sol Mexican Beer to enhance the institution’s appeal to the youth through the Basha Uhuru music festival. Basha Uhuru is a youth movement associated with a creative, open-minded, and unconventional community, positioning Constitution Hill at the centre of urban culture inspired by music, art, and urban culture. This partnership presented an opportunity to engage and educate the youth about the Constitution’s significance.

1. Visual Identity: A bespoke colour palette and photography style were designed based on Richards Ndimande’s archive of studio photography from the 1960s and 1970s, celebrating the rich, diverse culture of apartheid South Africa.

2. Influencer Marketing: Influencers were identified to reach South African youths aged 18-35. They shared the campaign on multiple channels, providing lifestyle FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) images and stories to generate interest and engagement.

3. Media Outreach: Community media were targeted with tailored content to ensure extensive reach across national and lifestyle media outlets.

4. Multi-platform Engagement: To simplify visitor access to information and content, multi-faceted interactions were created across multiple platforms. The iconic “Face’s of Africa” image was unveiled at the Basha Uhuru Freedom Festival 2023, generating significant media coverage.

5. Campaign Acceleration: Building on the momentum achieved in 2022, the campaign was accelerated in 2023 by incorporating new social elements to drive awareness, excitement, and engagement. The focus was on elevating the partnership with Sol and fostering a strong audience partnership to involve visitors in the festival’s journey.

* R1,429,476.42 PR Value
* 1,910,932 Earned Reach
* 129,332 Total Influencer Social Media Reach
* 20,464 Total Influencer Media Engagement
* 6.32% Average Engagement Rate
* 2,012,152 Overall Campaign Reach
* Positive Social Tonality