How we enabled Social Change for the Chevrah Kadisha.

Problem: The Chevrah Kadisha, a long-standing pillar of support within the Jewish community, faced the challenge of maintaining its relevance and sustainability in the modern era. The organization recognized the need for a fresh perspective and a more engaging approach to connect with its community members.

Opportunity: By embracing design thinking principles and adopting a human-centered approach, the Chevrah Kadisha saw an opportunity to redefine its role and strengthen its relationship with the community. The organisation understood the power of visual identity in fostering a sense of connection and inspiring generosity. This presented an opportunity to revitalize the Chevrah Kadisha’s brand, reflecting the rich heritage and values of the Jewish community.

Outcome: Through a collaboration with a Hebrew scribe, MrBlack created a unique font style that harmoniously blended Latin and Hebrew scripts. This innovative design symbolized the unity and inclusivity within the community, bridging tradition and modernity. By leveraging design thinking principles and fostering collaboration, the Chevrah Kadisha not only secured vital support for its mission but also reinforced the bonds that unite its community during times of celebration and sorrow. The revitalized visual identity and human-centered approach have positioned the organization to continue its legacy of providing solace and assistance to those in need while ensuring its long-term sustainability and relevance.