This is us

We are a group of cross-functional people engineered to facilitate conversations and engagement between business strategy and employees and customers. This can be in the form of strategic facilitation, employee engagement or brand creation and brand building across multiple platforms.

Sashica Archary

Sash likes to see things from new angles and prides herself on thinking differently. A versatile and multi-talented employee, she is passionate about cinematography, along with photography and animation. Sash is well-travelled and as a result has a worldly perspective. Sash holds an Honours Degree in Cinematography.

Veejay Archary Creative and Strategy Director

A thought leader, who wears both a business and strategist that, Veejay is the Managing Director of the Black Africa Group. He also heads up the Strategic and Creative departments. He’s responsible for managing the output of creative resources through direction, mentoring, strategic innovation and alignment to global trends.

Zak Buthelezi Project Manager

Multifaceted and ambitious, Zak has gained work experience within different industries over the past few years. He has consistently developed the skills required to fulfil his role as Project Manager, while his initiative and drive have served him well in the creative environment. Zak is an avid runner and is very keen on travel, making sure his bucket list is being checked off.

Zak holds a Diploma in Marketing at IMM and has a Certificate in Project Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Reporting for Development Projects. He is also currently enrolled in a Brand and Marketing Strategy course at Vega.

Marike Hechter Design Director

A curious creative with a love for ideas and great design, Marike has worked on various brands, including DStv, KFC, Huggies, Sasfin, Spier, Absa, Edgars. Marike is innovative and resourceful, and is also known to be a detail-oriented creative problem solver.

Tonia Thakeli Designer

The majority of Tonia’s interests lie in her field of study – Design. Tonia enjoys drawing, painting, digital illustration and animation. She feels fortunate to work for an industry that supports the arts.
Tonia graduated with an Honours Degree in Information Design from the University of Pretoria.