How do you enable innovation from within a corporate culture?

Absa Corporate and investment banks embarked on a disruptive new business within the South African landscape that will ‘future-fit’ investment in the future. Not unique to global markets, similar businesses have emerged from 2008 and 2009 as a response to dramatic changes in global markets as well as a result in changes in consumer buying power and demands. Meta goes beyond active and passive investment management – it
is the active management of passive indices – with a very high focus on intelligence, how we think about the world, observation, research and achieving quality outcomes as core drivers.

The solution:

Current clients in market have an acute problem with traditional banks and it can be tricky to manage the relationship when too close to the main bank. It was needed to balance the need independence, whilst retaining the ‘gravitas’ perception.

The requirement is to stand out beyond the current market perceptions and create a compelling brand identity that encompasses an unconventional view on the world and a way to harness risk or to view risk differently.

Brand model needs to allow business to challenge traditional mindsets and ‘product’ approach in market.

The brand solution:

The brand solution follows an innovative disruptive approach, allowing modularity and adaptability of the brand.

The brand needs to allow business to challenge traditional mindsets.

Signal the unconventional, appear bold, strong and unexpected from traditional competitors.

Needed to create an illusion of independence.

Allow for agility in market, shaking off ‘traditional’ perceptions and shifting towards creating innovative and disruptive solutions in market.

Moving from product to solution to multi-sided platform. True customer centricity.

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