How do you build connections between people?

Case study: Soul Traveller

We believe in feeding your soul, that’s why we create ‘off the track’ group travel adventures that connect people, spark conversations and create new discoveries, together.

Travel isn’t about escaping life, rather so life does not escape you. That’s why we curate better human travel connections to help create a richer, more multifaceted society, with more abundant life adventures and experiences. Our adventures make the uncomfortable comfortable, the unknown known, the usual usual, off the beaten track the normal. We create adventures that will fill your soul.

Our journeys are local and mindsets global, your experiences are shared, your courage challenged, your tastebuds thrilled and your life, changed forever. We think everyone should travel, it opens up your viewpoint, your heart, your soul and creates a unique perspective that only come from real freedom. Travelling for your soul helps you appreciate the world you’ve left behind and expands who you truly are. Our adventures inspires you to live a story worth telling, because we believe life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Life isn’t about facts. It’s about knowing through direct experience and instinct that home can be anywhere. Home isn’t a place, it’s a way of being fearlessly connected with yourself and others. It’s a moment when you’re willing to open your heart so others can truly see you.

And that can happen anywhere and everywhere. That’s why we created Soul Traveller, to change your paradigm of the world and the role you play in it. If you want to change your status quo forever, the shortest path is a soul trip.

We believe in Mzanzi, the real South Africa. So take a trip with us and fill your life with experiences not things, have stories to tell…

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