How do you bring new thinking into an old market?

Life Healthcare Occupational Health and Employee Wellness

Employees are one of the most expensive costs for every business, especially when they’re sick and out of the office. But even more so as the regulatory pressure increases on businesses to become more responsible towards their employees needs both mentally, psychically and emotionally. Simply put, the cost of employees is the greatest cost on any business and can be a major deterrent towards focusing on the day-to-day needs of the organization.

Life Healthcare’s division Occupational Health acquired a company offering complementary services that would give them a strategic advantage in their industry becoming one of the first truly integrated employee health solutions provider in South Africa. The key challenge was in a very tradition business structure how could this division gain the strategic and competitive advantage in a highly saturated environment. The key requirement was to elevate the divisional architecture to allow the brand to operate as a strategic fighter in the market. We enabled the business to see beyond their traditional views of product and target audiences, assisting them to stretch into developing products that could swim upstream and downstream opening up markets that were previously not considered before. In doing this we enabled the business with business tools to engage current and new audiences, taking the new divisional structure to market in a powerful way.

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