How to change the perceptions of a country?

Brand South Africa

Subsequent to the first democratic elections that took place in South Africa in 1994, brand South Africa embarked on educating the international market on our country and its offering and developed the brand positioning ‘Alive with possibility’.

What we were asked to do

However, after the 2010 World Cup, South Africa had matured beyond just a country filled with possibilities into a world-class tourist destination owing to its rich history and opulent heritage. The current positioning had become outdated and needed to be updated to reflect its updated personality. The brief required us to provide insight on how other nation-building brands manage their identities in application.

What we did

We conducted a countrywide and international brand audit where we evaluated all communication from advertising to promotional materials done across various media, including social and print. Re crafting the identity, we formulated a communication hierarchy that positioned all provincial, municipal and city brands within the overall South Africa brand. Thus encompassing South Africa’s current position and built a strong, clear tourism brand across the world which led to the new slogan ‘Inspiring new ways’. Key to this, was to create a system that allowed for stakeholder ease of use, encouraging participation and understanding of what Brand South Africa stood for and meant for them. The new branding was applied to all units from stationery to electronic communication, maintaining a uniform brand. This not only helped uplift the mother brand, but offers all subsidiary brands the opportunity to leverage off its strength.

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